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Friday 20 April 2012

Cutting Out Stamped Images- a tip!

Hi there!
I love to colour in my Bombshells then cut them out and add them to my cards- sometimes raised up on foam pads.
Cutting out can be tricky but with practise it is possible to get a good result!
Here's a little tip I use to make those cut out stamped images look a little less snaggy:
Here's the little Koi from the Lotus Garden Bombshell set which I've coloured and cut out

I've done an OK job but some of the ripples around his fins and tail were too fine to cut accurately and could look a little snaggy and the white card is showing.

I take a sponge applicator and some dark ink- I like Walnut Distress Ink and apply all round the edge of the stamped image, work it into the corners so all the white card stock edges are covered.

With the white edges of the card stock are being covered by the ink which makes the stamped outline shows up much better and makes your cutting out look MUCH neater.
This is me part way through:

Much neater!

Anyway that's my first tip for making your stamped Bombshells look even better- I'll be back with another one next month!

Happy crafting!


  1. Oh nice! I'll have to remember that next time I cut out an image without an outline.

  2. HEE HEE... I do the same thing - with a black copic marker. I did one of the first cards ever the other day with an intentional white outline, and it was HARD!

  3. I hadn't thought to do that. Thanks for the tip!!!