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Friday 25 May 2012

Paper Roses - Paper Roses!!!!

There have been several beautiful flower tutorials provided by some of our other Bomsbshell gals.


But hey... there can never be too many flowers! You can make them with scraps, white paper you have stamped on, newspaper, etc.... As long as you have a Nestie or Punch.

Choose your image and your paper and cut out several versions. Then, start cutting away one petal at a time on each. So the first one has one petal gone, the second one 2, etc...

Add some tape

Tape the two petals of the cut edge on top of each other

Curl each petal back
Repeat as many times as you want layers. The one on the left is a slightly smaller one than the previous step.  For one leave completely full and score between petals, and just cut between one petal to make it open (one on right).

Once you are done, put tape between them and then stack them. Do NOT put tape on the bottom of the cones. See next image.

This is a side view... You can just see the hole I punched in the middle with a sharp stick. :-)
You can also see the one petal that isn't quite taped down on the outermost... that is because I will slightly overlap them when I put it on my project and tape that side down.

Now - stick something in the hole. :-)  You can use flower soft, you can use rhinestones, glitter, etc...

This is the finished product. Once I had it completed, I added some Stickles (crystal) to the edges to make it shiny. I then took the saying from Rose's Portrait, and a butterfly from Butterfly Queen (stamped twice and colored) and added it to the card. TADA!

The wonderful thing about this is these paper roses can be made any size... you can use different shaped dies or punches, and you can make them out of scraps.

I hope you had a good time, and that you come back and join us for the Blog Hop on Wednesday! Also - check out our challenges this month. You could win some free rubber!!!!

Have a great weekend - Alaine

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