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Thursday 28 June 2012

Deaths Head Moth Tutorial

Hi everyone!
Last month I really enjoyed altering my Bombshells for Skull Appreciation Day .
I wanted to share with you how I made my Butterfly from Butterfly Dreams into a Deaths Head Moth.

Here are the three stamp sets I used:

Butterfly Dreams (the large butterfly), Tattoo Background (the tiny skull and crossbones), Madonna Woodcut (the smallest sugar skull),

I stamped out the images I wanted (as listed above) onto smooth white cardstock (my fave is from Stampin' Up) with black Memento Ink:

...you may have spotted that the smallest skull is different from the one I originally used.....I have put that stamp somewhere safe...so safe that I can't find it at the moment....but you can see that you can use skulls from other Bombshell sets as well!!! I did TRY to style that out!!

Next carefully cut out your two little sugar skulls (from Woodcut Madonna):

....and work out where on your Butterfly wing you want to place them.
It's best to do this BEFORE you add glue for obvious reasons!!

Now stick them in place:

..I use Glossy Accents as it has a small nib ideal to apply glue to teeny items.

Now the fun part....colouring! Choose your colours and away you go!
Include the skulls as if they were part of the butterfly wing as you colour in.

Next I add my smallest skull onto the body of the butterfly:

..again work out where you want to skull to sit before you glue ;)

I then applied a layer of Glossy Accents all over the moth (see he's transformed from a butterfly!).
I find this covers any differences in height from adding the sugar skulls etc and it gives it a lovely glossy finish but this is up to you!

I always draw the Glossy Accents around the edges of my stamped image first then infill.
Keep the nozzle in the Glossy Accents as it flows from the nib as this stops bubbles forming.

Check from the side that all parts of the image are covered....

...and in fill any missed areas NOW whilst the Glossy Accemts is still wet- much easier.
Put the image up out of the way on a shelf somewhere for a couple of hours and cover it with a bowl if you are worried about fluff getting stuck.
If it's out of the way you won't be tempted to POKE the Glossy Accents to see if it's dry yet- this is when you realise it's not set and you have a paper moth stuck to your finger!!

When the moth is dry carefully cut him out and mount onto your card:

 I hope this helped you to visualize your Bombshells in a new way?!
See you again soon!

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxXxxX

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