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Friday 8 June 2012

Cutting out stamped images - another tip!

On some stamped images there can be some very small, twiddly parts that are VERY difficult to cut out.

Here's a quick and easy way around that problem!

First of all I coloured in the little koi from The Lotus Garden Bombshell set. He has very cute Koi whiskers but they are soooo difficult to cut out so I DON'T cut them out!
I stamp and colour my Koi and cut him out but don't cut out his whiskers!

Instead what I do is stamp him onto my card like so:

Using a clear acrylic block makes it easy to line up the koi in the perfect place on your card:

Then you take your coloured, cut out koi and stick him in place on the card like so:

..and ta-da the whiskers are in place!!

I hope that helps you when you are dealing with fiddly bits on your Bombshell stamps?!

Happy Crafting!

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