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Saturday 9 June 2012

Bombshell Girl Spotlight!

Today's spotlight shines on Katie Shanahan-Jones, aka Glittery Katie!

Here's her interview!

When did you become a full Bombshell Girl?
Ohhh long ago!! Was it 2009? I've loved every moment! It's an honour to be on such a talented and fun team working with the BEST stamps in the crafting world!

Has/have your favorite Bombshell set(s) changed since you started on the team? If so, what are your favorites now?

I loved Retro Cowgirls as they were my first ever set and I still love them. However, I think one set I've used a LOT is Rose's Portrait. She's so striking and versatile and I know it's a favourite of our very own Shannon! I also adore Lotus Garden - those little Koi are just gorgeous to colour and they create an unusual and beautiful card!

What new techniques have you tried and/or learned as a result of being on this team?

I stamped on patterned papers, particularly foolscap lined paper, a technique which I've really come to love!

I'm experimenting with stamping in a pale ink so there's almost no outline on the stamped image. It still feels a bit weird but I'm getting used to it, so watch this space I may even share my attempts one day! LOL!

Do you follow any special "design rules"?
Apparently I do but I don't do anything consciously! I know I use odd numbered elements on my cards and I tend to work from one corner of the card to the other. I also use framing to stop your eye from drifting away from the focal point, but I do these things because they look 'right'.

Oh one thing that's been commented on is my putting things on 'the wonk'! I don't do straight lines and like to have mats at an angle!

Where and when do you find inspiration?
Sometimes it's the stamp itself — I just get an idea based on the stamp and I'm away.

Often it's the DT challenges that are so varied you can't help be inspired.

Sometimes I have a brain worm based on something I've seen or heard...you know a germ of an idea that wriggles away wanting to come out! Actually that sounds like I need my dogs' worm treatment!! But what I do is think about the idea that's bugging me, usually as I'm trying to go off to sleep and the creative juices hopefully work away and inspiration strikes! I'm concerned at how much of a weirdo I'm coming across as right now. LOL

How do you regain your lost mojo?

I have two tried and tested methods and it depends on how I'm feeling as to which one I use!

So first of all I TIDY my desk then I stamp an image- anything- no thought or planning involved and then I colour it and cut it out. Part way through colouring it, my mojo will kick back in and with a completed coloured image, layering and making the card comes more naturally!

The second thing I do is to go for the no pressure approach! I allow my mojo to come back when it's ready - often all I need is a little break and instead I go and do some other craft, crochet is a favourite as it's so different frm card making! without the pressure to come up with a creative card idea the ideas hopefully come back by themselves!

Fave projects:
This is my use of lined paper as a surface to stamp on- I love doing this especially for a collage look!

Here's Rose, she's beautiful!

So cute and so many colour combinations for different looks!

Here are some links so that you can see more of Katie's fabulous (and oftentimes glittery work).
Her Blog
Her Bombshell Gallery
Previous interview with Ms. Glittery Katie!


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  2. K-K-K-Katie...beautiful Katie. Wait, printed out, that makes you look like you're a member of a not-so-nice club. :P I love your work. You inspire me, always! Good luck with those...worms. <3