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Friday 24 August 2012

ATG renovation

Hello lovelies, Kelli here today with not quite a tutorial but more of an Idea.... 

As most of you know I have an aversion to pink, I don't necessarily hate it but lets just say it's not my favorite color at all!  It doesn't quite fit in with the color scheme of the crafting dungeon either, which is grey, black, red and white.... So pink kind of sticks out a little.  Well my favorite glue gun of all is pink, my ATG, and it sits right out in the open with the rest of my favorite supplies that I use for everything and it really stuck out a lot!!!  So I am going to show you what I did to make my ATG fit into the scheme of things and tell you what I used to make it happen....the rest is up to you ! I know a lot of people love pink I am just not one of those people!!!! 

So here is how I made this:

Sorry I borrowed this picture from a scrapbook store website because I didn't have any pictures of mine before!

Look like this:

Supplies I used were:

Black Gesso
Silver Paint Pen
E6000 Glue
Clear Acrylic Sealer
Clay (I used sculpey because that's what I had)
Stamp set(s):  I used Sacred Heart Art and Pin Stripes from Bombshell

I just painted the whole think with the black gesso, inside and out.  The inside mechanisms are easily removed.  While drying I stamped the hearts using Sacred Heart Art into the clay and baked them according to my package directions.  I used the silver paint pen to add the pinstripes and words by coloring my stamps with the paint pen then stamping.  Once that was done, I attached the baked clay with E6000 glue and dried.  Once dry I sprayed with my sealer and there you have it... a newly renovated ATG!! 


  1. Kelli, this so is freaking rad!!! I never thought to give my ATG gun a makeover! You did a phenomenal job. Love that you used black gesso.

  2. Kelli, this so is freaking rad!!! I never thought to give my ATG gun a makeover! You did a phenomenal job. Love that you used black gesso.

  3. So completely awesome! Love the dark, eye-catching colour palette you opted for.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. This is so totally cool! I love it! Everyone I know has one of these darn things and goes on and on about it. Maybe I should cave and get one - just so I can trick it out!
    Jodi :-)

  5. Love it! I own ONE piece of pink clothing (a cardi with a flaming heart embroidered on it) and thats it! However, I have just blogged a pink card I made for a friend using one of your skull stamps (they look like they are laughing...love that!) and thought you might like to see that pink can be ok (never great.....black is great....never pink!)


  6. Wow! No one is going to be walking off with your ATG by mistake. I never thought of duding mine up. I think I must consider this carefully

  7. I am SO gonna do this to my ATG!!! What an inspiration you are, Kelli!!! This ROCKS!