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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Bombshells and Glassine

Hi All! It's me again, Ms. August!

I thought I'd share a technique I love....glassine! Tim Holtz introduced this last year and I LOVE this stuff. It really lends itself to vintage work. You can emboss it, stamp it, use Perfect Pearls on it, stain it, sand it,  you can even use Copics on it. Today I'm going to share the stamping, staining and distressing it.

You'll need a craft sheet (never leave home without it), this can get messy, archival ink, Distress Stain, a heat tool, a fabulous stamp set (I used my new fav Sugar Skulls) and of course some glassine.

 1. Cut your glassine to the size you want and stamp your image onto it with the archival ink. (You can use other color inks instead of black as long as it's archival.)

 2. You want to heat set your ink. Heating up the glassine embeds the ink into the paper by heating up the waxy coating.

 3. Next I like to ink my edges with Distress Inks and a blending tool. This step is optional.

 4. Now you get to have some fun and wad up the glassine. Squish it good so it has some nice wear to it. I love how it looks when you flatten it back out - like an old map or leather.

5. Take your favorite Distress Stain color and wipe it all over the glassine then take a paper towel and wipe the paper down to get the stain that doesn't stick off. The stain will get into all those "cracks" you made squishing it up. Using a brown will really make it look like leather. Since I'm going for a sort of Halloween feel, I used purple.

6. Finally, put it together on a card. It's great for a background to add some texture.

I hope you give it a try, then have your own fun with this great versatile paper. Enjoy!

Jodi aka Ms. August :-)


  1. Great tutorial, Jodi! I really like what you've done here! I have not yet worked with glassine, an now I am inspired to try it out.

  2. Me neither, I have never even heard of it... Now I want to try it!!

  3. I have never heard of this now I have to go look for it. Thank you so much! This is so very kewl.

  4. Very cool, how could I not have heard of this?!? Thanks for the tutorial, now I'll know how to use it when I do find it :)

  5. What a great idea. I knew about glassine envelopes but never thought about it as a paper, kewl technique and a kewl card