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Friday 10 August 2012

Paper Rosette Banner

Hello Lovelies, today I am sharing with you a tutorial for Bombshell stamps.  It’s a Rosette Banner made without using Dies.  Yeah I know there are dies out there but I don’t have them and it’s easy to make them without one so here we go!  This banner is going to be used for a Halloween decoration in my house so it is black and ivory to go with my black and white theme but feel free to use any colors you wish!

Supplies needed: 
Paper Cutter
Paper Scorer
Hole Punches or circle cutters
Patterned paper ( i used Black and Ivory French Script from Canvas Corp)
Cardstock ( I used Black and Ivory)
Bombshell Images ( I used Sugar Daddy, Retro Cowgirl, Man’s Ruin, and the Halloween Costume Digital set)
Inks (Black Soot and Antique Linen distress inks used here)
Double sided tape ( I used red lined tape, just make sure it’s strong tape)

002 004 005 007 008 009 011 001 002 003 005 007  008 010011 012 013 014 015

If you want to hang it the way I did you are going to need 10 beads, 15 large jump rings and 12 small jump rings, 11 eyelets.  I put an eyelet into the bottom of the last rosette incase I wanted to add something there at a later date.  I didn’t have anything here now!

Hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Oooh...love this, Kelli! What a great piece of home decor!

  2. Kelli - I really like this!!!! I am thinking decor at work. :-)