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Friday 1 March 2013

Coloring Skin with Color Pencils

Hey Guys, Kelli here with a quick little tutorial/technique about coloring skin tones with color pencils.  I have been using my pencils more and more lately and falling in love with them again!  I used them a lot before copics then they sat in the drawer yelling at me everytime it was opened only to be ignored and pushed around.  Well then I decided that I wanted to spend my montly budget for crafting supplies on something other than markers so I pulled the color pencils out of their little jail and have been going at them ever since.  I have to say I had to reteach myself how to use them and still get a great color on my images!  It's fun to revisit things you use to do!

I am going to show you how I color 3 different skin tones in this post.  Now keep in mind this is how I color you may have your own way and that is great I am always open to pointers!!! 


  1. Love this! I like using my colored pencils and OMS but skin tone is always a stumbling block for me. Thanks, so incredibly much, for sharing!

  2. Cool. I need to get me one of those blender pencils. I have a large set of prisma pencils and no blender. I dont use mine as much as i should. Copics always win out. But when i see posts like this one it always makes me want ti go grab them. I suck at blending altogether. No one section im a total newbie to colored pencils.
    Thanks for sharing this tutorial. My prisma's thank u. They just might see some light this weekend