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Friday 8 March 2013

Friday Tutorial: Wrinkle Free Distressed Background

  • Non-Stick Craft Sheet or alternative

  • Three Different Colors Ranger™ Distress Inks

  • Water Mister

  • Heat/Embossing Tool

  • Shipping tag or cardstock

1) Swipe the inks across the non-stick surface, by lying felt to surface and wipe across. Try not to overlay the inks, as this will contaminate the colors.

Mist the inks with water until small beads form.

3) Lay the paper into the watered ink to pick up color. It is not necessary to twist or turn the paper. Take paper out of ink.

4)  Use heat/embossing tool to dry the paper. The paper may curl, but when dry will flatten out.

5) Add more color to the paper by placing in ink again.

6) Dry paper once again with heat tool.

7) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the desired level of color and layers. Remember to dry each layer before repeating.

8)  Using the paper just made, complete card.


  1. One of my favorite background techniques! Super easy, and very impressive!

  2. YEEHAW!!! this looks like so much Fun! Thank YOU, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart