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Tuesday 5 March 2013

Paper pendant mini tutorial

Hello lovelies I have for you today a mini tutorial.  I know it’s not Friday but I wanted to post something because I am going to miss the hop this month because of moving and packing.    Now you saw one of these pendants last month for muse Monday and also this month for muse Monday so I thought I would give you a little tut so you could make your own…. they would make wonderful gifts for all those Bombshells in your life…

Supplies Needed:
Stamp set of your choice(I used Love and Luck)
Liquid glue that dries clear(I used glossy acents)
Patterned paper of choice
Optional small pop dots

Step 1: Stamp out your image of choice onto the patterned paper.  I used 6 different styles of paper for one pendant.  Depending on the type of paper you use you may need to ahdere it to a cardstock to make it more sturdy.. So if you use book paper from an old book it may need to be more sturdy.

Step 2: cut out all of your images

Step 3: Once you have all your images cut out decide which order you want them to go in from bottom to top keeping in mind that the bottom is going to be the biggest piece and the smallest the top piece.  Then layer by layer begin cutting away pieces of the image as you go through the layers.

Step: Start layering your separate layers adhering them together with your liquid glue.

This is what it should look like once all of your layers are together... I added small pop dots in between a couple of layers to make it puffy in the middle.

This is the step where you start covering your flower with glossy accents, or liquid glue of choice.  It took 3 layers for my image to be covered completely and evenly drying between each layer.

Once your front is dry turn it over and put a layer of liquid glue on the back of your pendant.
This image is a pendant I made using old book paper so it has black cardstock on the back.

This is my finished pendant.  I am waiting on some black chain to come in to make the necklace.  See all the groovy layers... Now I wouldn't go swimming with this pendant on but it will certainly last... just keep in mind that it is made of paper!!!!
hope you enjoyed this mini tut!!!


  1. Great tut Kelli! Love the depth! So much work!

  2. Wow cool. I love the different layers of the wings. That is very neat looking. I'll have to give that a go sometime. Thanks for sharing