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Friday 9 May 2014

Fab Friday Tutorial - Creating a Soft Pan Pastel Water Background

Good Morning, Marnie here!  Today we are creating a Soft Pan Pastel Water Background.  I recently starting using Pan Pastels and love how they create fun pastel backgrounds that can be vibrant and/or soft.    The Pan Pastels used today are Phthalo Blue Tint(very pale), Turquoise(medium color) and Phthalo Blue(bold color).  Also used were, a Wave Stencil and the foam applicator that goes with the Pan Pastels.   Banner stamps used were Mermaid Treasure and Banner Sayings.

Before beginning I added a glue dot to the back of the white cardstock and to the stencil to keep things from moving around.  I like glue dots they just roll right off when your done.  Starting with the lightest color I rubbed across the stencil right to left(I'm a righty).  This particular stencil is delicate so it's important not to go too crazy.  I did continue to add color until all of the paper was colored.
Next comes the medium color.   Rubbing color in right to left, starting into the lightest color to create and ombre look.
Now we move on to the darkest color and repeat the steps above continuing the ombre affect.

 Pick up the stencil.  There will be specs of pastel on your piece.  With a paper towel rub right to left over the entire piece this will soften the look.  If you want the white to be more vibrant do the swiping before pulling up the stencil.  Also I edged the entire piece with the darkest pastel so it would pop a bit.  Now you can build your card. 
 I have begun collecting the Pan Pastels here is how I catalog my current colors.

Here is the completed project I used Mermaid Treasure and colored her with Copic Markers then cut her out and popped her up on the card with foam tape.  Also used was the Banner Saying set to create the greeting which is also cut out and foam taped onto the card.   I also used some glossy accents to add some bubbles to the front of the card to continue the underwater feel.

Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed the little tutorial today.


  1. Fabulous tutorial, though I've been actively resisting the urge to buy yet another coloring medium. :D

  2. This is fabulous Marnie, I love PP's. You should try them Kathi, but only if you are prepared to become addicted lol xx

  3. Thank you for this tutorial Marnie, have only just found this site and I absolutely love it.
    Kath :)