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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Inspired by ALISON!!!

Hi there everyone!!! Ms June here!! :) With a ANYTHING BUT A CARD PROJECT that I have been up to recently.

I have been eyeing Alison's tutorial for a while about the Bombshell Bracelets. I have been dying to make them FOR - EV - ER. (Please reference the movie "The Sandlot") Now that I have made them... I am addicted!!! I can not stop making them. I I am currently making one for myself. :)

 I used the Bombshell Angel, and Bombshell Butterfly Queen sets. I stamped them on gift wrap tissue paper to give it more of a smooth apperance.

The ladies have been colored in Prismacolor and Bic Mark-its.... there is a lot... A LOT of Mod Podge, and photo vintage distressed inks used.

I made these bracelets for my BFF's upcoming birthday on Friday. It is part one of my gifts to her. I am currently working on one for myself! Yep, I am going to make a piece for myself!! I dont even wear jewerly typically! But it will go perfect with just about any summer dress! Yep, I am going to be wearing some dresses too... So unlike me! LOOK OUT SUMMER MS JUNE IS HEADED YOUR WAY!


  1. They look fabulous. Your friend will love them.

    So, where do you find the bangles?

  2. I found them at my local craft store... they were like 2.99 or 3.99 each. But I am doing my research on where I can find them cheaper or in bulk. Cabin Crafters has them for I think 2.99 a piece but if you have a resale account you get like 40% off. Luckily my mom has one, so I am convincing her she should stock me up on some. I posted them on my facebook and all my friends love them.

  3. Emily these are fabulous!! AND For-ev-er is a famous quote over here at our house so I laughed out loud when I read that lol too funny.