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Friday 6 July 2012


Hey there all you Bombshells out there. You know those Bottlecaps that you bought because they were so cute and you knew you were going to do something with them. And you had to have them in all sorts of different colors... and designs, and stuff. And then they sit there, and you are stumped. You have bottlecaps galore and nothing to do with them. I do that all the time... buy stuff and never figure out how to use it. 

Well you know those Icons - the little stamps - that come with all your gorgeous Bombshell stamps. They fit in these bottle caps perfectly!!!!  And slap a magnet on the back and you have a custom magnet for your fridge.

My kids mascot for the local schools is the Admirals. So I took the port hole stamp from the Rise and Shine set and stamped it... then I added the little Anchor stamp from Ahoy Sailor (psst... there is also one in Mermaid Anchor).
I stamped both up and colored it up. I used C1, 3, 5 for the porthole, and then B26 for the blue around (my kids school colors). I layered some gelly roll stardust shiny stuff over the porthole and the anchor when done.

Then you can find those Epoxy circles that fit so nicely in these. They have a sticky back BTW. YAY. You layer it on the image. Then you cut around the epoxy circle.

Once done I took E6000 glue and added it into the bottlecap.

Finally I place the image with epoxy dot on it in the bottle cap, pop a magnet on the back, and voila - custom magnet for the fridge. It will be great to keep schedules from school on.

I love this because it can be customized by color, by theme, etc...

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