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Friday 13 July 2012

Faux windows tutorial

Needed: Two the same images,small piece of acetate ( comes with many products,so great to recycle) cutting knife,gloss,glue and something to colour your image.
The car image I used is of the King of the Road set.

Colour one image and after colouring the image,cut out the windows carefully.

This is how it should look like.

Cut out the whole image and also cut the back wheel of for dimention.

It is difficult to see,but glue your acetate at the back by the cut out windows.

Cut the excess visible acetate at the front off.
Mmmmm the acetate is in but not visible on photo,but it IS there!

Here comes the trick! Put at the front of the acetate gloss,and let it dry.


Once dry,stick your image with 3-D foam onto the other stamped uncoloured image,this will create the dept in your project and makes your windows looks real.
Have fun trying this! And have a great weekend!
Crafty greetings,Stempelientje.

This is my finished card: 


  1. Wow Emily! I'm so impressed, I'm not crafty like you at all but I love how you showed this step by step. PS - It's really cool you have a blog, keep it up!


    1. Thanks,but was not made by Emily,but by me,Stempelientje.

  2. Stempie - I love this. I thought I left a comment the other day, but apparently it didn't take! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial.