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Monday 9 July 2012

Sugar Skull Trinkets


Tim Holtz trinkets
Glossy Accents (Aileen’s liquid applique might work too, but I haven’t tried it)
Your choice of images - stamps; paper or clippings (I'm using the three sugar skulls from Bombshell Stamps' Sugar Skull set.)
Scotch clear packing tape

I found that scotch clear wide packing tape works best on the reverse as kind of a sealer. You can use the normal thin scotch tape, but then you don’t get a smooth backing.

Before I start I like to trace the trinket first and cut it out. It always seems to be a little bigger than I need.

 Simply stamp your image, adhere it to the   background, apply glossy accents. Make sure all the air bubbles are out of it, clean up the sides (I like to use a cotton swab to do this) and apply the tape to the back to seal it.

*Note that if you use glossy accents and just use your finger to clean up the excess product that squishes out the sides with you press the trinket to the paper to mount it, you should not touch the front of your trinket. It will leave a residue on the front of your trinket that will be insanely difficult to clean off.
Then, once your trinket is mounted to paper you've chosen, take the head of a pin and clean out the bail of the charm.

I love making these little charms, they're so much fun! I hope you like them. :-) 



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