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Monday 2 July 2012

Circus Pony

  This project actually kills two birds with one stone (ouchie!)  I wanted to use my new Wild Horses Stamp  Set   from Bombshell Stamps in a couple of different ways.  You recently saw it as a rather patriotic American mustang and today it is appearing as a very feminine frou-frou circus pony, tomorrow I will have yet another different way to use this very versatile pony. OK, so that's one of the birds down, next victim, I mean bird, is the small matter of a design team challenge amongst the Bombshells. Our challenge is, if we should decide to take it, to create a variety of different projects that are NOT cards.  (BTW this posting will self destruct in 10 seconds.)

    So quickly before the destruct sequence starts, here is my circus pony wall hanging.
Here's a close up of the pretty pony in her glittery harness
     As you can see I went totally girly for this one; pastels, ribbons, lace, flowers, feathers, pearls, and glitz.  If I missed something, it's not from lack of trying.  I do not do the girly thing often but when I do, I really, really do.

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